Please be advised that Radio Logan Inc. (101fm) is now officially registered to use the Check In Qld app for the ongoing support of the COVID-19 contact tracing efforts.
The Check In Qld app will enable the station venue to easily comply with the Public Health Directions by enabling customers and visitors to self-check-in and have their information directly stored with Queensland Health for contact tracing (if required).
Use of the app will help the Queensland Health contact tracing team quickly identify and assist anyone who may have been exposed to COVID-19.
If you do not have a smart phone with this app downloaded, then you must sign in and out of the register book at the front desk.
It is also recommended that all visitors should wear masks, unless a medical condition dictates otherwise.
To comply with social distancing rules, one guest interviewee only to be allowed in the on-air studio until further notice.
Let’s all do our bit to keep Queenslanders safe.